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The Greek Community In South Africa

By (author) Antonis A. Chaldeos

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Following the discovery of diamonds and gold, small groups from Ithaca immigrated to South Africa and worked as gold diggers, miners, railway workers and shop-owners. Some of the pioneers were Vlassopoulos, Frangos, Couvaras, Macris, Paxinos, Mouzakis, Adrianatos, Deftereos, Divanis, Drakopoulos, Gerontis, Kallinikos, Karantzis, Comnenos, Koutsouvelis, Maroudas, Moraitis, Paizis, Palmos, Raftopoulos, Sofianos, Sikiotis, Zaverdinos and others. Despite being persecuted and discriminated against for decades, Greeks in South Africa managed to rise socially and prosper, with several of them becoming very successful and wealthy. Today, they remain one of the most important beacons of Hellenism among the Diaspora. Chaldeos, who holds a PhD in History from the University of Johannesburg, is among the few Greek scholars doing research and writing about the history of Greeks in the whole of the African continent. His impressive list of books include the history of the Greeks in Sudan, Tunisia, Mozambique, Burundi, Morocco, Ethiopia and Egypt. “Conducting research in Africa is difficult,” he tells Greek Reporter. “Access to registries and historical data is problematic and of course it’s very costly to travel for research. Also, Greek communities on the continent are widely spread in many African nations.” In South Africa, he says, the first Greek migrants were seamen who arrived in the port of Cape Town, around 1860, while 30 years later the migration became more massive, with most coming from Ithaca and Cephalonia and to a lesser extent, from Aegean islands, such as Lemnos, Lesvos and Samos. At the end of the 19th century, the Greek community numbered 200 to 300 people. Those living in the Cape Town area were traders and those living in the north of present-day South Africa, in the then independent Transvaal Republic, were miners. “Despite all the difficulties, Greeks in South Africa persevered and adapted to the new land. Several of them are among the richest in South Africa with great fortunes, in the field of either real estate, with department stores mostly, or as owners of chains of hundreds of restaurants,” Chaldeos notes.

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Publisher | Antonis Chaldeos
Published date | 1 Jan 2020
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Pages | 256
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ISBN | 978-6-1884-6592-3
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