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The Sunday Times Don't Panic Book of Computer Answers

By (author) Nigel Powell

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All you need to know about computers and the internet in 500 frequently asked questions! Don't Panic is one of the most popular columns in The Sunday Times in terms of the mailbag it attracts. Techno-guru Nigel Powell provides weekly advice in question and answer form, responding to readers' queries on computing and allied topics - and he makes sure those answers are clear and non-technical. Everyone who uses a computer encounters problems and will frequently not understand the advice given in manuals or on `help' screens. Nigel Powell tackles that problem by giving clear, non-technical and easy-to-follow advice. An introductory chapter explains how to use the book and demystify the techno-fear that intimidates many consumers. Most techo problems can be solved at home, and that is what this book aims to help people do - in plain English, without jargon. Areas covered include: Buying a computers Managing e-mail Browsing the internet Mastering Windows computers Mastering Mac computers Printers, scanners, memory sticks and other devices Software applications and downloads Digital photography and home editing Examples of the type of question tackled include: How can one be sure that buying from an internet retailer is secure? Is there any software that will let me record digital radio programmes from the net? What is the difference between a USB and a USB-2 socket?

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Normally shipped | Enquiries only
Publisher | HarperCollins Publishers
Published date | 24 Nov 2004
Language |
Format | Paperback
Pages | 336
Dimensions | 171 x 111 x 21mm (L x W x H)
Weight | 200g
ISBN | 978-0-0071-9027-0
Readership Age |
BISAC | computers / general

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