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Work is Hell: A Cartoon Book by Matt Groening

By (author) Matt Groening

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Laugh off your work worries, employment disappointment and career cares with Blinky, Bongo, Jeff and Akbar as they guide you safely through the 9 to 5 battle-zone that is work. As someone once said: 99% of success is simply turning up. From the first tentative step onto the greasy corporate ladder, to the inevitable slump to the bottom of the food-chain, Matt Groening draws on all the back-stabbery, gossip-mongery and skullduggery of modern office life to create a hilarious masterpiece to help you transcend the work-a-day blues. Whether you feel like a battery hen or a battering ram at work, you will laugh at your peers, recognise your younger naive self, and poke fun at your boss. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to squeals of laughter as Matt Groening races through Bad Job Checklists, How to Kill 8 Hours a Day and Still Keep Your Job, and The 81 Types of Employees. Life in Hell was the syndicated newspaper cartoon strip by Matt Groening which ran in the States during the 80s and early 90s. Asked to turn the characters into TV animation, Groening instead developed The Simpsons, retaining many of the characteristics of Binky, Bongo, Sheba, Jeff and Akbar in the series. In a world where The Simpsons and Futurama are as popular as ever, these hellish cartoons featuring Matt Groening's zany brand of comic genius are simply gold dust.

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Publisher | HarperCollins Publishers
Published date | 15 Mar 2004
Language |
Format | Paperback
Pages | 48
Dimensions | 236 x 224 x 4mm (L x W x H)
Weight | 194g
ISBN | 978-0-0071-8130-8
Readership Age |
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